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A better way to manage tags and lists, please!

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A better way to manage tags and lists, please!

When you are looking at a contact list, the on-screen columns need far more information. Specifically, the contact list should show:


1. Every list the person is on

2. Every tag the person is associated with

3. Allow sorting and filtering on said lists and tags

4. Allow multi-select action on said lists and tags


Since that's not happening, does anyone have a good way to clean up a list?  That is, I have people who have landed on multiple lists and have multiple tags. I want to find them (in bunches, not one at a time over 30,000 names) and I want to un-check them from various lists and tags and apply it all at once. 


E.g. I have Lists A B C. I want to:


1. Open up List A

2. See everyone on List A that is also on List B or C

3. Remove them from Lists B and C


Same thing with tags. 


I'd rather not have to download and upload fifty spreadsheets. This should be doable with about five clicks, but it's not.  I thought the Manage Tags option was the solution, but it only works on single contacts at a time as far as I can tell, and hence it's useless. Any ideas?  

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CTCT Employee
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Hello @BrianS7168 ,


I agree and apologize this is not easier to accomplish. We have work being done to make things like this easier, including a new Contacts Redesign that we are currently Beta testing. When the redesign is fully launched, we will have the ability to manage Tags in bulk and it should be a bit easier to target contacts on multiple lists.


In the meantime there isn't a great workaround for finding who those contacts are without using Excel, however if the end goal is to remove List A from Lists B and C, you can go into List A > check off all the names > Manage Lists > Remove from Lists and this will give you the option to choose which lists you want to remove the selected contacts from (Lists B and C in your case). You won't know WHO it affected but you'll know that there is definitely no one in List A that are also in Lists B or C anymore.


If this does not help, you can also give a call to our Support Team and they are more than happy to help clean out lists with you or provide real time workarounds that may suit your specific needs! Hopefully when the redesign is out, this will no longer be a pain point. Thank you again for the feedback!