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With the new legislation, I believe that there should be an amendment to the unsubscribe feature. I have found that most companies are offering a distinction between unsubscribing from mass mailing to individual personal emails. If constant contact CANNOT provide both options, then I believe that the unsubscribe notification should clearly specify that they are ONLY unsubscribing from "promotional" emails from "x" account and if they want to unsubscribe from ALL ELECTRONIC mail from "x" company then there should be at least a link for this option. This is what I would prefer the unsubscribe notice to read : I would like to unsubscribe from receiving: • All promotional and newsletter electronic messages from "s" mail. I will continue to receive direct email from my local specialist at my servicing "x" location. • All electronic messages from "x" . Please be advised that this may restrict our ability to send any electronic messages to you in the future. Please be advised that if you also wish not to receive any print material in the mail please reply to this email with that request.


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