Ability To Add Contacts One After Another Faster

Update the add one contact page area


The add contact page takes a lot more moves in order to add contacts that you want to add more then just the email address for.  There was an option to select add more then one contact on the page that would let the add contact page refresh.  Now in order to add another contact you have to go back to contacts, and start all over again.  Adding like five contacts takes the time of adding ten compared to the way it was. 


Have your web designers actually tried working with the site or just adding more fields from the design panel?  We were all glad to see Vista go away, not to see it return here.  

Ken Shaw

SR Computer Support

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I agree!  The new version has left out the "Add Another" button.  After I "create" a new contact, I have to go through 3 more steps to "create" a new contact.  I can't tell you how time consuming this is if you are adding individual contacts one at a time.  Ugh! Please bring back the "Add Another" button!

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Hi @PaulM67558 thank you for sharing this feedback! How would you expect to continue adding in contacts through this pop-up you receive? Where in the design panel would you want this option to be located?

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I would add the "Add Another" button to just below the "Create" button. You would check it and then when you pressed the "Create" button, it would take you to another identical page to add another new contact.

Constant Contact had this in the previous version.





Currently if you want to add another contact, it takes you back to this page and you have to go through another step or two. Ugh!






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It is a pain in the neck not to be able to continue adding contacts, a feature that was in the previous version. The current version is very time-consuming!
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