Ability to look up contacts without email addresses

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I have a number of contacts in my account with no email address or status, merely a first of last name. While they aren't doing any real harm, I would like to be able to permanently delete them. Currently you have to do this one by one. A feature to allow bulk deletes would be very helpful

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Hi @DioceseofOlympia. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll tag this into a request we have for searching for these types of contacts under our contact redesign.


For others who are attempting to search for contacts without an email address, as a workaround, you can export your entire list of contacts to find the contacts without an address. If you wish to remove these from your account, in the file, delete all but the ones with no email address, upload them back into the account to a new list. From there, you can delete the list. As noted, these contacts are not active but we can understand the importance of keeping a list nice and clean. 

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