Ability to send resubscribe email more than once

It would be great if we could have a button to resend the Constant Contact permission email. I have to keep deleting and re-adding people because they forget, the email goes to spam or they don't want our newsletters and unsubscribe but then don't get our event emails that they sign up for.

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Hello @LauraV1,


Thank you for providing this feedback, I've gone ahead and put this in voting!


Upon your team's requirement, we sent out a confirm subscription letter to our contact list. I am very disappointed to find out that our confirm opt-in feature was turned off at some point and unable to allow people to confirm a subscription to our list. My own difficulties resubscribing to the list via the confirm letter show that it was very difficult or impossible to confirm or resubscribe in any reasonable time frame. The form still did not work for me when I sent it out to my mailbox today.  I was only able to resubscribe when I called in and had a tech person do it. 

In addition, it is also very unfortunate that people who remain in the awaiting confirmation list cannot resubscribe via our website forms if they choose to. (And while the confirm subscription letter was apparently not working.)

My requests:

1) Have all functions be set properly so that people may resubscribe.

2) Allow people in the awaiting confirmation list the ability to resubscribe via our websites and the forms on them.

3) Resend the confirm subscription letter (set up properly) to our awaiting confirmation list.


Something seems wrong about how we were advised to send out a confirm subscription letter that appears to have not been working properly and then not being able to follow up with the awaiting confirmation contacts. As a result, we have lost thousands of contacts acquired over a 15 year period.

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I apologize for the complication with resubscribing your contacts. We appreciate the feedback and are aware of the difficulties with this process. I've passed along your experience and feedback to our engineers and we will continue to work toward making this better, thank you for sharing this with us.

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It would be LOVELY if it were possible to re-send the confirmation email from Constant Contact to the subscriber directly from the subscriber's Contact Page.  While there is an 'edit' button, it doesn't generate that option which would be SUPER helpful if the contact has missed or deleted the original email.  This happens to our customers a LOT and getting a second email sent is a very cumbersome and time-consuming process.



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I agree. I have someone wanting to re-subscribe and I cannot contact through the system to let them "ok" being added back to the list.


Me too! And when I delete the contact and add them as new, the system knows and still says "awaiting confirmation". It's really hard trying to explain it to clients and management! 

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lIt's too easy for members to inadvertently unsubscribe themselves. Please provide a follow up page that asks them to confirm that they wish to unsubscribe, with a cancel option. Also, provide the ability to re-send the resubscribe email, which is a need that I currently have.
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Hey @NormS54, thanks for your feedback! Per the Can Spam Act we are required to provide a one-click unsubscribe option for recipients of emails. In the case that someone accidentally unsubscribed and contacts you about it, you can follow the steps in this knowledge base article to send them a opt-in confirmation email. 

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I too am having this trouble with getting people back on the list, they have filled out the online sign-up form again, but get stuck on the "Waiting Confirmation" list. These individuals never get a second email to confirm, and I have no way to resend a confirmation email. So it is like they have been banned forever from our mailing list because they either unsubscribed in the past or never confirmed in the past. What is the solution? 


Any update on this issue? Would be great to resend or edit contact info (we have unfortunately entered "gmail" as "gamil" a few too many times).

Not applicable

Any update on this issue?

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Still no update?!?

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Please let us know what to do to get an addressee to confirm their email


Any time again. Re-send the awaiting confirmation of my 62 addresses. Please


I see that this is an issue for others as well. This has become such an issue for us that I might have to leave your platform. 


We have over 60 people waiting to be added to the list and can't. For a variety of reasons they either can't confirm or they simply never received the confirmation email. 


I have tried to add them manually as they have given us EXPRESS permission, but your system is stopping that from happening. As an administrator, I expect to be able to over-ride the system and add them manually.


Please fix this ASAP or we will be moving to another email system

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I also have the same problem stated above and I have devoted a significant amount of time trying to get it resolved with no success.  We have lost hundreds of contacts, people who initiated contact with us and want to get our information.  I have started explaining to them that the fault lies with Constant Contact which is not very user friendly.  I can't think that this is the kind of press you want.

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I have also found that when I resubmit the individual and press that I have "express permission", it still doesn't work.  Sometimes the member will receive a confirmation email, but when they respond to the instructions, they are still not added.  I would like, as the administrator, to be able to override some of these functions.  I do not know if it is a Comcast issue (because it happens very often with people with a comcast.net email) or a Constant Contact issue, but this issue has never been resolved to any kind of customer satisfaction.

We are looking at alternate email providers.

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I find I am having the same sort of problem with a few contacts.  Several of my contacts have been "awaiting confirmation" since AUGUST!  I can't believe this issue has been documented since May 2018 and no resolution from Constant Contact.  Does anyone have any new information about this situation?


We use CC for a church newsletter and other in-house types of communication. Several times we have had older congregants accidentally unsubscribe themselves and then not ever find the resubscribe email in their inbox. It would be very helpful on our end if we could re-send the invite if they haven't electronically responded within a week or so after they were sent the invite.


We've been able to make it happen but it takes 30-45 minutes on chat mode w/ CC.


This feature sounds wonderful. It's amazing how many email account holders don't acknowledge the confirmation. UPVOTE this one to a priority!


Just checking if there is an update?




I have a co-worker who has unsubscribed, and I sent him a resubscribe e-mail and currently waiting confirmation. However he is claiming that he never received it. Anyway I can re-send it?

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When members unsubscribe and then want to come back it is very hard and only works some of the time. They say they never get the email to resubscribe and there is no way to send again.

Hi @ArronM5 at this time we don't have the ability to re-send this email. You can however try this workaround:

1. Enable advanced permissions under My Settings
2. Go to the Contacts Page
3. Select Add Contacts
4. Select add Unsubscribed from file
5. Upload the file of unsubscribes
6. Open the affected contact profile
7. Click the Resubscribe button and follow flow there


So, is there still no way of re-sending the reauthorization email for someone who has unsubscribed from the email list? Seems silly that this is not an option. Please send guidance. Thanks

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Even when the staff from Constant Contact emailed me I got no satisfaction to my problem, which is about those "awaiting confirmation".  They have not unsubscribed, they tried to subscribe, they WANTED to get our newsletter, many STILL want to get our newsletter, but because they did not respond to the email to confirm their desire to subscribe they are seemingly forever banned.  The response that it was an issue of privacy legislation doesn't work for me.  I don't know why I cannot manually override the system and send an individual a second email asking them to respond that they want to subscribe.

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I see this resubscribe issue been going on for years.  No resolution to this date?.  I've been trying to workaround using my own gmail account.  No luck resubscribing.  I deleted the account.  Manually reentered it.  Still shows unsubscribed.  Tried to resubscribe.  It shows awaiting confirmation.  No email received on my gmail account for confirmation or something.  Tried the Sign-up form (see below), no good either.  I got in touch with CC tech support and even went through checking DMARC and setting up DKIM to improve deliverability.  Still no good.   This is getting to be very frustrating.  I wonder if other email campaign have the same issue.   




I had the same issue but cleared it by using the signup form. I created a Basic Landing Page Signup form. Used it to enter the email address and it clear it up. One difference from what I did compared to that shown about is I included the name fields. 


I have a few contacts in waiting confirmation status who seemed to have lost the initial email sent to them requiring their confirmation.  Having an option to resend the confirmation email would be helpful instead of having to call the support line for assistance. 

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I do mailings for my church. One of my elderly members (85) reads her email on her cell phone. She apparently clicked the unsubscribe button by accident, as she was not aware she had done this. I initiated getting her reinstated, but it said she would need to initiate the "resubscribe" process via an email sent out by you. She swears she never received it. I looked through her inbox and it isn't there. I don't know enough about her phone/email system to find her trash (in case she accidentally deleted it). What can be done? She is not getting any notices from the church and I don't want to start a precedence where people ask me to forward the messages to them.  Sue (jkpcnews4u@gmail.com)


For Gmail emails, you can add a dot (.) to the email and it will be technically a different email, but go to same person.








Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


While the email cannot be resent, a link to a lead generation landing page can be sent to the unsubscribed contact.

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