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I enter contacts at the end of each month, one by one. I like the new feature of adding the email first and CC tells me if it is already on my list. After I add a new contact, it would be helpful to have a button that says "Add Another Contact". Otherwise I have to go back to the start from the beginning. Thanks!

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Hi @LorraineR10  how does our current "Add another" tool not meet your needs with adding multiple contacts one at a time?



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I have a different screen than the one you have above.  I assumed  it is the new beta version? There is no "Add Another" box on this page.





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Hi @LorraineR10 thank you for following up with this screenshot! You are correct, this "Add Another" feature is not currently available in our Beta redesign. Having this tool is a great feature request. This idea request has been opened up so other users can weigh in as well.

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