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Add Images to Contact Profile

I would find it helpful to be able to upload images (i.e. logo) to a contact profile

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @RobinR79,


Thank you for providing this feedback, this is a great idea. I've passed it along for voting.


I think it would be awesome when entering a new contact that an avatar or image of them could be added - currently there is just a blank "face".  Seems a waste to have it there.  Thanks, Teresa

Solution Provider

It would mean sooooo much to our company's bottom line if we could add a client logo as a field so that every email we send out would have that image that we selected.  Can you tell me when you hope to have this feature enabled?  Thanks,


Status changed to: New

Hello @LindaK07 ,


Thank you for reaching out with this feedback! At this time this is a request that we are definitely tracking and collecting votes on. I've added you to the count and have let our developers know as well!


Please continue to let us know of anything else you'd like to see.


YES!!!  I suggested that 2 years ago.  It would be extremely helpful.

Solution Provider
I want to be able to add an image as a custom field in the contact profile please.
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I just called Constant Contact to ask for an update. None, but the more frequently we use the "Have Feedback" link at the bottom of their page (not in an email, etc) ... even every day ... the more "votes" it gets.  We are encouraged to keep repeating the request; they don't have to come from different people. I'm going to create a note in Word and just periodically copy and paste it in. You all can do the same if you like.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @LindaK07 what kind of images are you looking to add into a contact profile? Do you want to be able to use this picture for anything specific? 

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We have a unique field for each of our subscribers with their Organization name, their username and their LOGO.  We have to manually input the image of their logo into their unique newsletter every week.  If we could have it autofill because it was a field in the contacts, it would save us a lot of time.

New Member

Please, please, why can't we add a photo of the contact?


Hi @SIR102 adding photos to a contact is a feature request our product team is still collecting feedback on. Because other features generate more requests than this particular one they are given a higher priority. But this doesn't mean we aren't listening to users like yourself! The more people who weigh in on this thread, the higher the priority can become.

Yessss, this would be game-changing! 


This is awesome.  I asked about this 2 years ago.  Very helpful!!!