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Add country field to landing page

Add country field to landing page

This is needed for GDPR. It is also needed when uploading lists or individual contacts. There is an address field but not just a country field.
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @KenS44,


Thank you for providing this feedback. When uploading lists and individual contacts, you are able to import a field of 'Country' and it will get mapped to the Country field under Address. Furthermore, on the Landing Page, when inserting the Address option as a field, you can remove the other sub-fields to it (city, state, etc) and leave just the Country:


When someone visits your sign up form, it will display as a drop-down option like this:



So I can accurately track the feedback, does this help you at all or is there something else you're trying to do that this option does not work for?

Occasional Organizer

I need this too! I am aware that I can click into fields-address and then add in the country, but that is so many clicks! Please make this simpler.