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It would be great if the pop-up form has a URL. Also, great would be if we could put images on all form types. Additionally, it would be great to have signup forms similar to (deleted). For example, a horizontal line signup.

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Hi @LisaM6636 what are some cases you would need a URL to your pop-up sign up form? How does the universal code we provide for pop-up forms or even our landing page sign-up forms not fit your needs?

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Hi Frankie,


The pop-up was designed for a special campaign. We want to share that same form elsewhere. Yes, I can create another landing page for that campaign, but it's easier to just have the URL of the pop-up.




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Hi @LisaM6636 thank you for following up with these details. I have opened your idea up so other users can weigh in on this as well.

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