Adding a PayPal Button on the CC Sign-Up Form and Profile Update Forms

We are a non-profit that has a web site page for signing up new members.  Our current process for signing up members involves filling out a form (this will soon be replaced with the Constant Contact Sign Up Form) and asking people to mail a check for their membership.  We would like the ability to add a PayPal button directly to the CC signup form or the profile update form. 


If this PayPal button can be added, we can add members and get paid in one step.  The alternative is causing them to go back to the organization web site and hope they press the PayPal button from there.


For our annual membership renewals, a similar PayPal button on the Profile update form would allow us to collect funds electronically for membership renewals. PayPal also has a subscription button that can be used for automatic annual renewals.


We believe this feature will benefit various types of organizations but particularly non-profits with limited staff suport.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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Just stumbled across this question while I was looking for a solution to the issue listed above. I also oversee a nonprofit and have a need for a solution to the same issue, Has there been an update to this?

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