Adding quotation marks to my data so my email addresses are not in the correct format.

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I am adding contacts from a CSV and XLS file formats and keep getting this issue. What happens is Constant Contact is adding quotation marks to all of my data in the file. As a result, my contact's email addresses are in the wrong format. I checked the different files multiple times on my end and have not seen the quotation marks. But when I upload into Constant Contact, they are added and I cannot continue to upload them. I have managed to find a work around but it makes no sense why it works. I open in google sheets, then download as a CSV from there, and like magic its working. Same file, same data, different result.

Is it happening with both file formats, or only one or the other?


XLS can save a leading single quotation mark--to denote a text-formatted field--that doesn't show up in the spreadsheet grid when you're looking at it.  But when you click into a cell to make it active, if there's a single quote there before the text, you can see it in the Formula Bar.  Do you see any?


Saving XLS to CSV should remove the quotation marks, which is what I assume google sheets is doing.  You should be able to run the same operation yourself: try opening your file in Excel, resaving as CSV, and uploading again.



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