Adding time zone on contacts

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Suggest you consider adding a "time zone" field to the information one can store on contacts. As communications become increasingly virtual, I'm having more contacts that are not only outside of my time zone but outside of my country of residence. Plus some emails may not be relevant to someone in an "earlier" time zone.

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Hi @DeborahK781 what cases would you need to track a contact's time zone? Does creating a custom field for this in the meantime not fit your needs?

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Hi Frankie_P

Perhaps the custom field would work, and perhaps I should explore that further.  I was wondering whether  I might also like to be able to filter who receives an email based on time zone.   For example, if I'm advertising an event that would not likely be appropriate in a different time zone it might be nice to not send an email to those people.  (Eg, something I'd doing at 5pm might be 2am in the morning for someone else).


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