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Advanced Search

It would be nice if the compare functions in the advanced search also contained a "contains" function so elements could be picked out of a single field. Also, the implied "OR" function with multiple qualifiers might be nice to also have an "AND" function
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It appears that the new contact search dropdown menu no longer has a "contains" option, such as "email address contains XXXXX" which was a very helpful search option in previous interface, especially for big lists with people from many divisions within the same company. Can we get that option back?
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I am also disappointed with my experience with the new search. I cannot search for "containing" and nothing I have tried has worked. For example, in my list I have a number of different company names that share a common acronymn in brackets at the end "(AOHC)." When I search for (AOHC) it returns nothing. When I search for AOHC, it returns only company names that start with AOHC. When I try using brackets or wildcards, CC hangs or the browser crashes. The Advanced search does not offer a "containing" option and when I try to search for "Company Name" "is" and add one or other or both of "(AOHC)" or AOHC, it again only returns company names that are exactly "AOHC" - none that contain AOHC. This is the only way that I can find all of these companies. Everything that I am trying to do was previously possible. I have tried this in the latest versions of FireFox, IE and Chrome on a Win 7 system - all with the same result.

Will the search for "containing" be restored? If so when.

The old Contact page had an option to search for emails "including" a particular string, but this doesn't seem to exist in the new design. If I have a contact called "" then searching for "Jane" will bring her up, but searching for "Smith" will *NOT*. Searching for "yahoo" will bring her up, but searching for "" will not. So search is only looking at the beginning of the address, or the beginning of the domain. There is an "advanced search" option, but you can only choose to search by "starts with" or "ends with" not "contains". Is there something I'm missing here?
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Why have you changed your contact management?? When I needed to find out if an email address was in my contacts I could search any part of it by choosing "contains" in my query. Now this option doesn't exist and I can't find contacts which I am sure are in my database. Very irritating.
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please add: contains to the advanced search field choices.
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Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback about the Advanced Search.  I have let our engineers know that this is something you really need and would like to see in a future update.  Please continue to vote for other ideas you think will be helpful. If you have immediate questions about the new features you now have access to you can reach support via chat or by dialing 1-800-240-2302

I use the search ... but before I could search for key words within an email address ... now I need the exact email address. This proves very difficult in managing my emails.

Yes.  There used to be an option to search for whether an email address "includes" a string.  This is no longer an option, not even in advanced search.

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Bring back search email address containing word(s)!!!