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It would be nice if the compare functions in the advanced search also contained a "contains" function so elements could be picked out of a single field. Also, the implied "OR" function with multiple qualifiers might be nice to also have an "AND" function
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It would be helpful to be able to find contact fields that are "not blank," since it's possible that we don't know what is in that field.  Also, a "Contains" filter would be helpful.




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Thank you for the feedback @YvetteK3,


I'd like to understand your request for a 'is not blank' search function.  Would you be able to elaborate on that a little further?  Thanks!

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Hi Patrick,


For example, blank.png

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in a Management of Contact Section. want some additional options to manage a company name with

the bulk edit and in an advanced search option it does not support contains options.

if contains functionality is available then that will be more convenient for sorting and segmenting. 


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There is an option in advanced search for field 2 to be "is blank".  But no way that I can figure to do the opposite and search for "is not blank".  If I put in field 2 "is not" and leave field 3 empty/blank, it returns all records.  Yes, I can export all records and then inspect the data, but a search would be more useful.

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Please add a "is not blank" option.


I want to use "is not blank" to identify all the contacts that invoke a particular custom field.