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It would be nice if the compare functions in the advanced search also contained a "contains" function so elements could be picked out of a single field. Also, the implied "OR" function with multiple qualifiers might be nice to also have an "AND" function
Occasional Contributor
We have a field for #of subscriptions (tickets). It would be nice to be able to add a range; e.g., 1-8. Laboriously, I added tags to these people, but tags alone cannot be used because we need to know a number; therefore, duplication of effort is required when entering info on a member's account.
CTCT Employee

Thank you for providing us with this feedback! If others agree I would encourage you to vote for this idea.


If you have additional feedback or any questions, please feel free to reach back out to us. You can also reach us at 800-240-2302.


Have a great day!

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We used to be able to click on the job in the activity tab to see what the criteria was that was pulled to be exported, now I can't see anything? I have no idea which export is which? Also, can you change it back to where we could search using "includes"? This was very helpful.

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This feature would be helpful when searching in "additional" fields
Occasional Visitor
Please ad the "contains" statement to easily manage email lists by data that is in custom fields. Thank you.

Thanks for this feedback! Have you tried using the same search criteria for more than one field? 

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the advance search needs to have the "contains" capability
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I need to search by "is not blank" so that I can see all of the contacts that have some data within a field.