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It would be nice if the compare functions in the advanced search also contained a "contains" function so elements could be picked out of a single field. Also, the implied "OR" function with multiple qualifiers might be nice to also have an "AND" function

I'm disappointed that you removed the feature that allowed me to pull up emails by using the option "emails that contain "". This feature allowed me to see who I had in my contacts from certain companies and now I have to go thru each name individually. It really causes me headache when I am asked who from a company receives my emails because it takes awhile to sort thru that.

I am now unable to search my contacts with contains. i.e. Want to know all my contacts that contain "".

This was very useful feature and i hope you somehow bring this feature back.

Occasional Visitor
you can no longer search a contact with a portion of an email address... the old search allowed you too? why would delete this feature?
Occasional Advisor
I want to search within email addresses. I can't narrow the search from the Search Box to just emails (if I look for 'state' I get state in everything, not just email... too many results). When I click advanced search to search just in the email field, I can choose 'starting with', 'ending with', etc from the dropdown, BUT NOT 'INCLUDING'?? So I can't search for 'state' within just email addresses at all. So so dumb.
All Star
We used to be able to search by part of a name or email and now I can't seem to figure out how to do that or even just pop to all the listings under one letter. Hope this function comes back.
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in searching contacts, need "including" as a search option, like you had before. unless I missed it, this is a very important function that is currently not included under Advance Search
Occasional Visitor
With this new contact update I can not search for containing. Why would you delete this? I search dates with containing information and cannot do this now. Is there a fix for this?
Don't like the new changes. Doesnt allow you to do a search for a contact by just typing in partial name or email. Please allow us to do that, like we could previously. Also, please include a feature that lets you search for a contact by jumping to an alphabet letter, rather than scrolling page by page to find them!! As for Event Spot, we are not crazy about a few details, but we can talk with you one on one about that. Thank you.
New Member
When searching for an email we should have the ability to look for characters in the middle of a string. I guess this would be called "contains". This could be another way to search for emails in addition to "starts with" and "ends with". Thank you,
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I used "contains" frequently to search contacts using the email field for a list not fully populated with first, last, etc. Why remove this useful functionality with an "improvement?" I used it to get a snapshot of opens for a user without having to input their complete email address. It was also useful to search on a partial domain, such as state abbreviation, to see users within a state but that had different domains.