Advanced search still lacks important search criteria "is blank"

We'd like to find all the records where a certain field contains nothing.  You have improved "Advanced search" so that a couple of fields now have this capability.  However, we need "contains nothing" or "is NUL" or "starts with '' " " so we can easily find all records where a certain field is blank but needs to be populated.


If my request is not clear, please contact me and I will show you -- -- Thanks.

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 I wanted to vote, but when I click to do that nothing happens (Google Chrome browser).


Hello @Friends_of_Freeman_Station!  I wanted to post here to let you know that the Community will not allow you to vote on your own ideas. Don't worry though, all other users can still vote on your idea, and you submitting the idea counts as your "vote" for the topic. 



Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hello @Friends_of_Freeman_Station. We have this feature as part of our Advanced Search under Contacts:


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