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Alert when Contacts sign up

Alert when Contacts sign up

I would love to be able to set up an alert when someone joins one of my contact lists!

Status changed to: Voting Open
Occasional Visitor
I need to urgently get real time email notifications of contacts that fill out a sign-up form to a any and all lists, be it a new list or not.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Great feedback @JuliaL823,


I'm opening your idea up for voting. 

Occasional Contributor

You give us the ability to send a welcome e-mail right when someone signs up... Why can't we get an e-mail sent to us when they do or add the option of CC'ing ourselves on the welcome e-mail they receive?

Occasional Organizer

I would like to receive email notification when someone completes a form.


We are using an inline form to collect catalog requests:


A customer completes the form to request a catalog.

We use the form to get the mailing details to send the catalog.


Currently, we have to check the list regularly to see if there are any new registrations. An automated email notification would be better - we would be informed in a timely manner and also identify who was new to the list. We would not be reliant on human memory to keep tracking.

Occasional Visitor
I wish your email notifications would tell me who joined which list. This would save me so much time and money!
Occasional Contributor
I am created a new WordPress website with an opt-in (Mail Munch). I was hoping to get an automated notice when a new client/visitor sign up. But so far CC doesn't offer that. It would be an improvement--need more dynamic interaction vs. static response with new sign-ups. I'm sure that this could be easily added software wise. thanks



How is this not a feature?