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Allow a "not to" function when selecting lists

Allow a "not to" function when selecting lists

When I used Hubspot, I was able to select a list and then choose "do not send to anyone on this list if they are on ____ list." It was helpful for new customer promotions - i could select our general contact list and then choose to NOT allow it send to anyone on our existing customer list. 

CTCT Employee

Hello @IslandRec,

I'm sorry that you do not currently have the ability to send to your tags. At this time accounts with over 10000 contacts do not have this ability. I'm interested in learning more about what you need/ used your tags for. Are you unable to accomplish the same tasks you were using tags for with your contact lists?

Valued Contributor

This is an especially important feature for people who have more than 10,000 contacts and therefore cannot use the tags, which would be the other way to handle this type of issue.

CTCT Employee

Response from IslandRec: 

"Yes. We have a lot of different sports and programs. Under "Youth Sports," I tag past participants with what sport they participated in so I can send sport-specific emails out. 

I know I could export tag and make a new list, but it's a lot of extra steps and it's been affecting how many emails I send out."