Allow preview to show sample data for custom fields

A feature request is to have the ability when in preview of an email allow the sender to see the email with custom fields with data from the first record in the send to list. So this option would only be available after the sender selects the list they are sending to. WHile this is a little different from the current workflow it would be acceptable since the only current way is to create a sample list and send the email to that list and the send can take up to one hour.


So after a user selects the send to lists in the schedule part then show a link that says "view email with sample data"


This would go a LONG way in user friendly design.



Status changed to: New
Status changed to: New
Hello, Thank you for your feedback. This is a really great idea! I can certainly understand the value in being able to see this data before sending in bulk to your lists. Please vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.
Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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