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My own email address was suspended supposedly after one bounce. During this time my email address has never ceased to function, or rejected any email. I had to call Constant Contact to get it reinstated. My concern is that MANY addresses may be falsely suspended and we don't realize that your system is broken. Every week we have been removing suspended addresses from our lists until this happened. This is unacceptable service!

Hi @levelmeasure

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear of the confusion! When an address bounces as non-existent for the first time its quarantined for 15 days. During this period of time our system won't allow any Constant Contact user to send to this address. If they do the address will show as Suspended. Therefore, if you notice any email addresses bouncing as suspended the first time you try to send to them, they have bounced as non-existent previously on a different account. Once the hold is lifted we will send to it again but if it bounces as non-existent for the second time it will be placed on an indefinite hold and continue to show as suspended for you and any Constant Contact users who try to send to it. Hope this helps to clarify the process. 


If you have any specific addresses that are bouncing as Suspended that you are able to send and receive email from please give our delivery team a call to have them look more into it. 

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I agree


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