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Automated split A/B testing

Automated split A/B testing

I am ready to switch over from paying $90 a month for CC to  or another provider that does automated split testing. Please move this up to the top of your priorities.


A/B testing in Constant Contact is a PAIN!

Please automate the process, where it automatically splits the list and sends to the remaining list the "winning" email.

This will help your customers out tremendously, save time, and make us all better communicators. 


Thanks for shaing this idea!

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A/B Testing is a "must-have" for CC. I would like to continue using CC for our email needs, but doing A/B Testing manually is unecessary and time consuming. I would expect that this is already being addressed, but a timeline for availability would be helpful. Thank you!

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Anything new on A/B testing?




Hi RomuG,


Take a look at this thread on AB testing. One of our product managers commented on the plans for implementing this. He would love to hear any additional ideas you have on the topic!

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A great feature that would be of great service to even the lowliest of users would be a way to split a list for A/B testing. Simply select a list and a button appears to Split the List. This function puts the first email on one list and the second on a second list, and so forth. It gives the person 2 lists. They can then send a different email to each list. With my list being in the 100,000+ range, it is way beyond the limit for uploading which makes it time consuming to use excel to split my list and import multiple spreadsheets.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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It would be helpful to have an include/exclude list feature for each out going email. Meaning, you choose to include list A and B, but exclude list C for the outgoing email. So if a customer is in list A and C, they would be excluded from the email, however all other customers in list A and B only, would receive the email. This would enable us to micro-manage lists without having to import new lists for every email.