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Automated split A/B testing

Automated split A/B testing

I am ready to switch over from paying $90 a month for CC to  or another provider that does automated split testing. Please move this up to the top of your priorities.

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Yes, its called find another provider or divise a method yourself.



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As a marketer, I want to be able to split test different subject lines, images, and calls to action. I.e., what gets better open rates: "Save 20% off" or "Free Shipping" as an example. 


Unfortunately, there's no simple way to do this in CTCT. Competing platforms have had this feature for years, and I even rememeber receiving an email from CTCT on the benefits of A/B split testing.


This is the most basic, most important piece of information small business and marketers need. Please upvote this if you agree! 

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There doesn't seem to be a way to automatically split a list in half to do A/B testing. This is a fairly labor intensive task if done manually, so it would be awesome if there were a way to do it automatically.

How is it possible that Constant Contact still does not have this capability? This thread was started in 2013. Three years ago. This is clearly a feature that customers have been asking for for quite some time and is a key feature in making sure that our email marketing is effective! Constant Contact, I really don't want to go to a different provider, but I must confess that I have started looking because it seems like often our feedback isn't heard and our needs are not met, even when we share them time and time again and because A/B testing is key.


Constant Contact, last chance. Please update the community on when you plan to implement this feature!

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The other email company just announced an improvement to their already existing AB testing capabilities.  


Check it out. 

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It would be really fantastic if there was an easy way to split a list for A/B testing. many other programs i have used can do this (like send to 1-7000, then 7001 to 1400). Please advise if this will become available. Thanks.
It would be great if the compare feature in the Reporting Tools showed SLs and audiences, or at least gave the option to show them for more easy direct comparison.
Will be really helpful if there is an easy way to do A/B Split Testing. Thanks
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Please add deeper stats for yearly or quarterly analytics. Also, provide A/B testing analytics and comparison tools. Thanks. Winny