Automatic Redirect

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Automatic Redirect

I think it is really important to add an automatic redirect to the sign up page for constant contact. Beside for the fact that it is necessary for the user to leave the origin site in order to sign up, there is no link, nor redirect for the client to get back to the origin website. There needs to be an automatic redirect added to the thank you post message that is shown after the user signs up that will redirect the user back to the website with a custom link.


This is the page I am referring to.


To implement such a thing is actually super easy; it is about 6 lines of code: the "target location" is the link it will take the user and the "1000" is how many milliseconds.



<body onload="timer=setTimeout(function(){ window.location=’TARGET LOCATION’;}, 1000)">

<h1>Thank you!
We've added you to the mailing lists you selected.</h1>



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