Automatically move contacts from one list to another based on their actions

Working for a nonprofit, we have 3 master lists for Donors, NonDonors, and Volunteers. We would like to be able to connect our emails with our donation page so we automatically move emails from the NonDonor list to the Donor list, and add Volunteer emails to the Donor list while also keeping them on the Volunteer list (so they receive both volunteer and donor emails). As it stands now, we have to manually look up the recent donors, find them on each master list, remove them from the lists, and then reload the lists for each new email campaign we create. This wastes a lot of time and has a lot of human error possible, as we can miss emails and then our contacts will be receiving the wrong emails. Other email platforms currently have a similar process in place where we can simply use the same master list as the contact are automatically moved around. I would like to see this feature added to Constant Contact.
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I would like to have the auto segmentation as well. Where let’s say I sent out an email with Link A and Link B; when user clicks on Link A I want that user to automatically be moved to List A and if s/he clicks on List B move to List B or both (or simply move them to the last clicked link). Let me setup the auto segmentation.


Thanks @Greg_Pena for your feedback. Have you considered using tags to label the contacts? You would still need to add/change the tag when the person moves from non-donor to donor (and other combinations) but you would be able to keep the contacts in one list and only send to the one list but narrow by tags. 

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Hoping to open this thread up again... this seems like it should be a rather standard process. Any progress on this?


Anybody have an update on this yet? It seems it's available on most other Managed Email marketing providers... Why not CC?

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