BUG in Search Contacts by Date Added!

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Advanced Search in the Contacts area, using the "date added" option and setting the date equal today.  date added.JPG





There should be only one record there - a test case I added this morning.  Instead, there are 801.  Exporting the search results file shows that the filter doesn't look at the year or the month - only the day.  All of the other 800 contacts were added on the 26th of a month - ANY month, any year. Sample below.

26 any month.JPG

(Alas, this whole feedback/community thing is so confusing. I have no idea where to submit a simple bug report!)

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Hello @Anonymous,


Thank you very much for bringing this up with the detailed description. This is a bug we are aware of and I've gone ahead and passed along the feedback and am putting this in voting in case others are experiencing this as well!


Hello @Anonymous,


I'm happy to report that this bug has been fixed! Please submit a new post if you continue to have issues with this!

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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