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Back and Forward button in list view

Back and Forward button in list view

Please put "back" and "forward" buttons on the top of contacts lists, as well as the bottom, so we don't have to scroll through everyone to advance to the next page. Even better, add an alpha tab so users can go right to the that section of the alphabet. Or put it back to the old way, which was better. It's SO annoying how programs have to constantly change and it's not always for the better.

It would be really helpful to have the the arrows that allows one to go from one page to the next at both the bottom and top of the page. When I am looking through a list, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page each time to get to the arrows as going to the next page sends me to the top of the page
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1) Place arrows for turning pages at the top of each page, too. 2) Break the contacts into sections by letter accessible at the top of each page. This would give the user the ability to access each letter without having to scroll through the whole list page by page. These changes would make this site more user friendly. Thank you-
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Would be great if the pages can be navigated w buttons on top of pg and bottom, scrolling is difficult. Also if there is a choice to go to a certain letter instead of digging back through the alphabet each time. Unless I am missing something. Thanks.
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Add navigation buttons on top of contact listing instead of just the bottom. How to easily see which contacts are not opening emails? Currently, clicking on each name which is time consuming.
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Move show contacts per page to top as well
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In View All Lists Format add: 1. Put 1 - 9 and A - Z selections on the top of each page so I can click to a list title (first letter of the title) 2. Put the page forward and back buttons on the top of each page so I don't have to go all the way to the bottom of a long page of lists to move fwd or back.
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I would love to see a page advancement tool at the top of "my emails" as well as at the bottom.  It would be a lot easier than having to scroll down every page.  Sometimes you know approximately which page to find an email for which you are searching so why should you have to scroll to the bottom to enter the page number.  Or perhaps you know an approximate page number within a page or 2...would rather be able to navigate this from the top of the page instead of scrolling.

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Currently the Page Tab Toolbar is only at the end of the List page. (ie Pg 1-250 of 3000 items) Would it be possible to also put it at the top of each List page? This would really help when managing long email lists. Thank you.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!