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Back to where I left off!

Back to where I left off!

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

Often it is necessary to make global changes to a subset of contacts, like changing the company name for all contacts with a particular tag. Right now, this is a tedious process of accessing each contact individually, change the value, hit save and then go back to the list. This is made doubly difficult by an apparent bug in the way contacts are filtered. When I clicked a tag to filter the list, I was only able to change two contacts before the list reverted to all contacts and I had to select the filter again. A list editor a la spreadsheet would make this process much easier. Or at least fix the bug so the list filter stays on.
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when deleting contacts it would be very helpful if it didn't send me back to the first page every time. It is very time consuming when i am scrubbing doubles and I have to navigate back to the page I was on every time. Why can't it keep us where we left off. It sends us back to the first page every time

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You should fix the contact list so that when I'm on page 3, and I leave the page to see another view of a customer, when I hit the back arrow, it takes me back to page 3, NOT to page 1, forcing me to scroll thru to find my former spot. Very frustrating.
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Hello @DanC040,


Thank you for this feedback. As a workaround, you are able to export the list of contacts that you want to update, update that information in the Excel file you exported, then re-upload the file and make sure to match the updated column with the correct field. This will update all the contacts on the file in one go. I've passed your feedback along for voting.

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If I have my contacts screen open and I'm attempting to move 3/4 of the contacts that are visible to a different list, I have to MANUALLY click every contact (huge time waster). If you click the "select all" button at the top of the column, it literally selects all your contacts not just the ones that are shown. There is no way to select a bunch of contacts at once.


Also, once I manually click all the contacts I want to move I go ahead and move them. Once I move them I want them to be gone from the current list, so then I have to MANUALLY click them all over again. This is ridiculous and takes forever and needs to be fixed. 

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I am trying to delete some older contacts from our contacts list (started at around 15k contacts) and every time I delete contacts it takes me back to the first page (Last Names starting with A). It would be EXTREMELY helpful if either when you delete something you stay on the page where you deleted the contacts OR have page listings on the bottom so i can directly jump to a specific section of contacts.
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Hi - I am gong through my contacts to weed out people who have not been opening emails for a long time. it would be helpful if when I hit the return arrow i would consistently go back to the page I was already on, not all the way to the beginning of the alphabet on page 1. Thanks!
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the contacts for which I have an email address but no name do not stay organized in the same way, so it's impossible for me to know which ones I have recently looked at for activity. they keep coming up organized differently than the last time I looked at them. time waster! Can this be fixed?
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Hello @AmyM42,


I apologize for the frustration, this is something that's being looked into by our engineering team and they are working on making this easier and better to use. At this time the best way to keep track of them would be by exporting the contacts you want to look at to be able to mark which ones you've already gone through. I appreciate you bringing this up and I have passed this feedback along!

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hi guys, something i'm finding frustrating and inefficient here is that when i go into a contact from the whole list view and then back to the list view, it resets to the first page of contacts no matter what page i was on when i clicked the individual contact. this costs me time to get back to the contact i was looking at on the list page. wouldn't matter as much if you could delete contacts from inside the contact view, which is often what i'm doing when this happens. additionally, it's slowing me down that contacts without names added apparently resort randomly every time a page loads, sometimes resulting in a silly situation where i have to hop back and forth between pages of contact lists while the contact i am finding switches back and forth too, appearing on different pages. thanks for thinking about this stuff! could make the experience much smoother for folks like me.