Backup is needed to retrieve lists or contacts

Backup is needed to retrieve lists or contacts

I was very concerned that Constant Contact has no way to restore a contact data file that was mistakenly deleted. Seems like this would be a given for a data company. However, Bob, my customer service representative was very patient and helpful to me.
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Hi Rhea,


Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion. Please continue to vote for the changes that you want to see made inside of the account. And as always, don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us!

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In trying to merge lists I accidentally unchecked a list and removed over 6000 contacts from a key, key, key list. There absolutely needs to be an undo option or button or option to backup the list within the system. It also should warn you that you will be deleting X number of contacts from a list. It did not do this so I had no idea I had mischecked a list. Please add this feature as soon as possible. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your feedback, I am very sorry to hear this happened. 


Can you tell me more about how you deleted the contacts? Were you on the list view or contacts view? Did you select all contacts and delete or select from the list menu and choose to delete?


If you selected all the contacts within a list you should have seen this message:

 9-19-2014 8-34-46 AM.jpg

If you selected to delete the list you should have seen this:

9-19-2014 8-36-13 AM.jpg

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Hi there, It would be very helpful to have an undo feature for email list activity.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I wish you had an option to back up Constant contact every night, so the lists can be reverted to a previous form, and even if we switch the contacts around from list to list, we can do a reset and go back to a previous version
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When copying contacts to other list, there needs to be an undo or restore to x date/time option for when things go wrong (which, sadly, is often since CC upgraded the contacts tab). I would also like to be able to select multiple lists and create a new list that contains all of those contacts. That would negate the need for my first request.
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I totally agree that an UNDO for all list actions is not only necessary but essential practice.

The tutorials are not clear enough to expect even accomplished computer people to not make errors.


I tried to create a new list from an existing list to target a certain selection of clients that have not purchased the full range of products from those who have the full suite of product. When trying to remove clients from the new target list it appears we have removed the contacts from the main source list.

NO WARNING WAS GIVEN that contacts would be removed from the main source list.


I hope Constant Contact has a backup or can undo this error, we should have created a backup before proceeding but never expected this to be so complicated or that the tutorials would be so misleading.


Hi @AlanO80. While we don't have an undo option, if you contact our Support team, they can review some options regarding your contacts.  

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someone hacked my account and deleted all my contacts over 6000 do I have any options