Bad Code in Sign-Up Button Command?

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On the Sign-Up Tools page (see image below) code produced by the Sign-up Button option does not work:


Sign-Up Button Option


I tried everything I could think of to get it to work: pasting directly into the browser address bar, putting it in a GET form, putting it in a POST form, splitting the long llr parameter into individual parameters. Nothing worked. 


Finally, I noticed that the Sign-Up Button code uses this URL:


While the Embed Code code uses this URL:


Apparently, the Sign-Up Button code is using an out of date URL.


It would really be nice if you would fix that, so that others don't end up wasting time the way I did.



Hi @JerryS64

Thanks for all this detail! Do you have the button embedded somewhere that it seems to not be working?


The Sign Up Button link produces code that is meant to embed a clickable button on your site. This is the basic version:


If you just wanted the URL you would want to use the form URL instead.


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