Be able to set a default for email address - work, other or home

When I load additional contacts into my lists, their email addresses get tagged "email address - other." I end up with email addresses in the "other" and "work" columns, making for a messy download later. I would like to be able to set the default for all the contact email addresses I import to be designated as "work."
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I vote yes but with the request that we may choose our default.  I'd like the default to be Home.


Hi @KathleenB261,


Thank you for this feedback. At this time, if a contact has multiple e-mail addresses associated with it they do need to have different labels. However, you are correct in the fact that when adding new addresses to your account it will default to Email Address - Other. I would be happy to open voting on this, as you would like to see the default as Email Address - Work instead.

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Think about programming as much flexibility as you can into custom user settings.  It would benefit more users if User A could select a default of Email Address - Work, while User B could select a default of Email Address - Home. 


Think strategically.  Think like a system user.



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