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I have submitted several Feedback items but have noticed that they all go under the main id of our license holder. And that person will be contacted if/when any of my suggestions are implemented. (Which he will know nothing about because he hardly uses the product.) So ... 1) items should be logged under the userid of the person who does the submitting, and communication back to that person, and 2) there should be a way for me to see a list of "my items" and watch comments from others and status. Maybe my items are "solved" with a technique change on my part and not a product update on your part.
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I find that I can find what I have submitted ... do a search on Users for the id of our license holder, and then I can see what "he" (but really I) have submitted.  And I can see comments back, too.  A bit cumbersome but do-able.  More obvious, easier way would be nice.  Still need to be able to submit things under my own login id, though.


Hi John,

Thanks for this idea. Unfortunately there is only one Community screenname per account but this is something we're considering for the future. I'm glad you figured out how to see the posts you (both) have made. You can just view them all from your profile page!


Thanks again!

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