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Beta test

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The new Contact section (where you just see your lists but have to click to find your actual contacts) is not good. I click into Contacts to see my contacts, not my lists! Please change it back to the way it was.
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Hello @Bio-Mechanics_Cycles ,


Thank you for this feedback! We've recently made a change where we added the 'Contacts' sub nav next to 'Lists' and 'Segments' underneath the 'Contacts' tab, so it will still default to your lists at first but you can click the tab more easily to then see your Contacts instead.


Would you say this has made it any better for you at all?

Hi Beatriz!

Thanks for making the change. It has improved it for sure. Is it possible to make Contacts the default instead?

Also, in the Contacts section itself, can 'Last Name' be the default search field? Usually that's what you're searching by, rather than typing in an email address. The old system was great as you could start typing to bring up suggestions, and didn't need to change the drop down to specify what parameter you were searching by.


Hello @Bio-Mechanics_Cycles ,


I'm happy to hear the addition of the 'Contacts' sub-nav has improved the navigation for you. At this time there is not a way to set defaults, however I've passed along your feedback to the team.

I can say that there will be improvements made to the 'Search' function as well as being able to dictate which columns you can view after the initial Beta release, though I don't have an exact timeframe for that quite yet.


I've moved this post to voting for the feedback on making 'Contacts' the default view! Thank you!

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