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I have been reviewing some of my bounces lately and have noticed that in some circumstances that an email will make it through and then bounce (kind of a pattern- 2 through then 1 bounce). I have just begun deleting a bunch of bounced contacts and have learned that once deleted those contacts emails are deleted permanently and won't even be accepted if they are re-imported on a future list. So I wanted to have an opportunity to go in and export some bounce lists from emails I have sent with the engagement information so I can sift through them and decide which email addresses I need to delete and which ones I have to continue to send to (maybe get in touch to ensure we get through their firewall). But I have learned that I am unable to do this and I would ask that this functionality become available. As it stands now I would have to go through each bounce one by one which is very inconvenient. Thanks, Jordan

Hi @IanR80 

Thanks for posting your feedback. Bounces do often happen in a pattern if you send frequently. Something to note, if a contact bounces twice as non-existent, they will be put in a global block list in Constant Contact so you can't send to them again. This is to protect your sending reputation by preventing you from sending to the same dead addresses over and over. 

We do recommend removing your bounces so that you can't reimport them. With most bounces it's likely they will bounce again in the future even if you re-import.



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