Bounce Frequency list for "Undeliverable" emails

There was a time when you could look at a sent email and see not only what addresses it bounced from, but how many times it has bounced in the past. This was very helpful - I don't want to eliminate an email address that bounced as Undeliverable just one time. Now you have to open each contact individually and check their history one at a time. When you have a large email list, this is very impractical. Yes, you do have an option to remove all the "undeliverable" emails, but there may well be some where this is a temporary situation and I don't want them unsubscribed.


I have no problem with mass-removing "non-existant address" emails, but I would really like to see a return of the bounce count in an easy to interpret format. I'd even be happy with running a report that shows the number of times an email bounced. But having to open each contact one at a time, waiting for the load time, checking the history (which takes a few seconds, it's not even a clean "number of bounces" status), then go back, wait for the list to reload,delete the contact, wait for the reload - it's way too much of a waste of time. 


Please, please, please - I really need faster way to evaluate how often emails have bounced for contacts, or I'll need to export to a new service that has this. I don't have the time to do all of this every few emails.

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