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I suspect my problem is more related to larger email lists than smaller ones, so you may not get as many comments about it as for other issues. But this is crippling to my organization, in that it either costs me a lot of time to manage my bounces, or it results in a lot of bounces where I need to keep the names on my list. So I hope that you can give this request the attention it deserves. Sadly, many of the names that fall into the Undeliverable and Suspended Categories are ones that could be appearing there just one time, and then not again. Without my knowing that three emails in a row have had difficulty getting through, I am not comfortable removing someone from the lists. I agree that these one-time or two-time bounces are the exception, but even if they occur only a few percent of the time, I don't wish to remove them permanently. So we need a better way to let me know when they have bounced several times in a row. Right now, my only option is to drill down into each address and research its individual history; I then would go back and remove that address, one-by-one. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process, especially when one manages large lists. I offer two suggestions: a) When presenting the bounce lists, place an asterisk after anyone's name who has had at least 3 (5?) bounces in a row. I then will know to delete them without my drilling down into each email address's history. b) Do not put anyone into the Recommends for Removal category until they have had 3 (5?) bounces in a row, and that they are from the most recent mailings. This should not be difficult to program, and will save us a lot of time, not to mention reduce the number of bounces (which is good for Constant Contact as well!).
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How many subscribers are on your list, and roughly how many do you have to manually review after bouncing?


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