Bring Back the Capture Tool!!

I used the Capture Tool on my desktop for years and years as a customer to Constant Contact. I had to delete it off of my desktop because I was having computer issues. I learned you no longer have the app and I really need it/want it.


Please offer it again!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @JanetH108,


Thank you for bringing this up, I am passing this feedback along and opening for voting.


I agree.  We allowed volunteers to add contacts at our Welcome Center through the app.   It was super easy and didn't require training for the volunteers.  I get it that you must support those systems that appeal to the most users, but this one seems so simple and useful.  Bring it back!


What do you use instead of the capture tool?


I totally agree.  Just updated the software on my Mac to Catalina, and the Contact Capture Tool no longer functions.  Frustrated that this tool is not available now.  I use it a lot.


I use this every day. Just got a new computer and found out it's no longer available. Why??

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