Can Additional Columns be Added to Multiple Entry Section?

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I just started entering additional contacts using the Multiple Contacts form. Up until now I had added contacts using a spreadsheet, which can be inconvenient. On your Multiple Contacts form, additional rows can be added, but not additional columns. Can the ability to add additional columns be added to the Multiple Contacts form? As it is, you have only five columns. For those who need more fields than that, it would be a great benefit to be able to add at least an additional five columns.
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Thanks for posting. This option is really designed for contacts to be added without a ton of detail as the file process is ideal for these contacts. Please continue to share ideas you would like to see implemented in the future! 

I would like to add in the contact's company city, state, zip code and phone number, but for some reason, the form is limited to only five fields--three of which are reserved for the contact's email, first name and last name. I realize I can upload a CSV file to get all this info loaded, and that I can also add these details later, but the point is, I'm already using the "Add Multiple Contacts" tool so it'd be nice if I could just do it all in one easy step. This would be especially convenient considering I'm only adding two contacts to an existing list.
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