Can't find which list/s a contact is non

Hi, I found a contact's name through your search button. But can't find where to see which list she's on. Clicked checkbox next to her name, and saw that "Add to list" above is darked-out. Clicking through to her details doesn't give me a clue, either. You should have little "more info" boxes that pop up when I roll my curser over it. I've now spent about 15 minutes looking for which list she's on. I'm sure that if I take another 5 minutes poking around Contacts areas, I can find my answer... frustrating...
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I want to edit my previous post, or delete it.  But don't see a way to do that. 

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Hi Regina, It looks like you may have figured out your answer based on your additional comment. To delete a post, you want to go to "Idea Options" which will be above your post and to the left. This will give you an option to "Delete Idea" or "Edit Idea".
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