Cannot specify which type of address in file import

Cannot specify home vs. work vs. other in address import, which creates issue in populating those fields in an email to our customers which includes shipping address information. In a support call, I was informed that home addresses are the default pulled, but some of these contacts have multiple addresses in CC. There is no way to be sure the right address will be pulled in their email because of this.

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We are actively researching this for a possible product enhancement in the near future, while I can understand your frustration please be assured your request has been noted and will added to the other customers who have requested this feature as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.



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Currently, when importing contacts from a file, the street address is added as a home address and there is no way to change it prior to import. All of our addresses are work addresses, and I want it to be in the work address fields when I import. As it stands one must go into each contact after the import and change it to a work street address. This needs to be fixed.

Thanks for sharing this feedback!


Thanks for sharing the feedback? This is not feedback, this is asking you to fix something that is broken. Your tech support people sent me here for help, and I get "thanks for the feedback"?  Come over to my desk and change the address field on a couple of hundred contacts after an import then tell me this is "feedback".

glitch; says i am entering 2 fields same name; i am not!! quadruple checked it.. cannot go forward. help??
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I have the same problem. Some of my physical addresses are work and some are home, they are in separate columns in my excel file that I wish to upload into constant contact. I had to create a new custom field to enter the new file upload with multiple physical addresses. How can I enter the addresses to fit the format that already exists (where under addresses I can change the label to home, work, or other)? It isn't helpful to have duplicate fields.

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