Change the MINUS sign in contacts lists

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I think having a MINUS sign to indicate that contacts may be contained in a list is confusing,


To me a MINUS - sign would give the impression they are NOT in a list.


Trying to figure out how to remove contacts from one list from another was a nightmare even after doing it a couple of times i could noit get ny head around it.


Far better use some other symbol , or perhaps use colour coding, red amber green etc to indicate wheter a lists contacts exist in another list or not.




Status changed to: Vote for this idea if you agree
Thank you for passing along your feedback! If you would like to see a different symbol/system in the Add to Email Lists window please vote and comment on what you would like to see instead of the checks or minus/dash.

We recently added a key to this page, to help people who are moving contacts from lists.  Do you think this helps?  Do you have another idea for a symbol or system to show if All, Some or No contacts are within a given list? 


This is what it looks like:


Add to Email Lists.jpg

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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