Cherelyn Solved an Ongoing Problem I've had!!

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I have had great difficulty editing my newsletters. I often send long newsletters and offer many kinds of training programs, so I copy and paste a lot. I also have a MAC and so moving things from TextEdit was not working well with the system, so when I edited, fonts, color, line spacing all magically transformed. Cherelyn put new block in for this newsletter, advised me on how resolve the problem of copying in the future and gave me a blank template to save and copy from! I also had help from someone else today, who solved another difficult formatting issue. Both of you solved issues that have made creating my newsletters difficult much of the time! I'm so thankful for the level of help I get from Constant Contact. It's clear that you are supported in giving the kind of help that reflects the heart of genuine, gracious, competent customer service.
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So glad to hear this, thanks for posting!

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