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Right now there is a generic field called "Phone" and a specific field called "Cell Phone". The latter works for me very well, but the generic "Phone" field isn't of use. So I have to waste two of the custom fields on "Work Phone" and "Business Phone". Or maybe include "Phone", but add a custom field for people to write in the phone type. Ideally, you can add for us a pull down that people can select the phone type and allow for at least two phones to be entered this way. Thanks.


Hi @MarcL038 

You shouldn't need to use a custom field for the phone number fields (unless you want to) since you can add Home, Work, Mobile, Fax or Other phone numbers to a contact.


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Can you tell me more about how you add contacts to the account so I can show you how to specify what type of phone number you are importing?

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The form builder's phone number option saves the data to the Phone (other) field. I would like to be able to specific which phone number field (work, cell, etc.) it is being saved to. 


This is a problem in the Zapier integration. Phone (other) is not an option in Zapier.

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