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I really don't like the changes you have made to CC. I have been using CC for years and recommended to so many of my clients but the useful reporting stats we receive are no longer available. When you click on click-throughs, not only is the figure incorrect ie. right now I've just send an email that had 3 click throughs, when I expand, it says zero, but I also can't find out WHO clicked on it. Contact management has also changed for the worse. When we try to find out who clicked what, the layout is so much harder to go through.
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Hi Brigitte,


I am sorry for the issues you are having when viewing click reports. Thank you for being patient with us, when viewing the reports from the emails details page it is a known issue they will not be correct. In order to get the correct numbers please go to the email tab > Reports then you can select the clicks. It should be correct for you here and I will keep you posted when it will be correct across the board.

It's very cumbersome to tell who clicked on which links. It's very slow to load. It worked a lot better before.the recent changes. Also the big fonts and blue borders waste a lot of space on the screen.
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When you click on a email report to see the click throughs it shows you how many unique you had but not the actual total of all the clicks. This was very useful info. It has gone on the new system. BRING IT BACK. I want this info. if you cant see how many total clicks you got you dont know the affect of the email. very odd you removed it.
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I would like to be able to process click reports. The new reports are unable to print just export. I don't have company names in our report as well.
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