Confusing and Laborious Resubscribe Procedures

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I have a contact who accidentally "Unsubscribed" themselves from a list. Unfortunately they need these messages in order to operate their business. I have sent the Sign-Up form to them and they have completed it 3 TIMES! If a recipient understands that they have mistakenly unsubscribed, they should not have to complete 2 separate forms to ensure they are back on the appropriate list. The Profile Update form is redundant in that if a recipient's profile to current when they resubscribe, there should be no need to be reviewed and updated. This process needs to be reviewed and simplified or the system may become redundant through other applications.
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Thanks for posting this feedback! When the contact is resubscribing they should be able to enter their email address into the signup box and then click to confirm in the update profile email. I understand this could be a frustrating process for your subscribers. Unfortunately we're limited as the confirmation must come from the contact in order to remain compliant with Can Spam and CASL laws. 

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