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Confusion with adding contacts

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When signing up new contacts, there is no clear indication of a contact already receiving emails. I added what I thought was a new contact, it asked me if I wanted to edit an existing email address or exit the entry. When I selected edit, it unsubscribed the contact with no way to reverse it. A more pointed choice stating that the email address is already on the subscriber list and entering it again would likely un-subscribe the contact would be helpful.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!

why is it so hard to do this simple task?? I am trying to edit a few contacts and add a few and don't see an enter button....?

Hello ValerieB68


I would be happy to help you with updating contacts. We do not have an enter button when you are updating your contacts. When you update the information in a profile you will look for a blue save button. When you click on that it will save your changes and keep you in the profile. You will click on the contact tab to go back to the contacts page. From there you can search and update the next contact.


To update contacts one at a time.


More information about updating contacts.

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