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I've mentioned this before, but here goes again. I use CC for a monthly newsletter. As a busy business owner, I'm always behind and most days are filled with "just in time" deadlines. When I block out an hour to create and mail a newsletter, it is frustrating to find that you have changed everything around since my last use and now I have to add 20 minutes deciphering how to do something that worked just fine the last time I signed in. You techies get bored, so have to change what worked just fine on the left side of the screen and hide it in a new format on the right side of the screen. CC works fine. Leave it alone. Make behind the scenes security adjustments, etc., but I doubt very many of your customers sign in with joyous anticipation of another learning curve. I imagine most are a lot like me: I know where the tools are arranged on the bench, so please leave them alone. When I'm doing a job under pressure, the last thing that is helpful is to discover someone has come in and rearranged the tool shed.
Very tired of having to learn new system and design each week i send out our constant contact. Also it seems to take forever to load!
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Thank you for your feedback. The recent changes have actually been done in the hopes of making your life easier, but I can understand how learning the changes to the system can throw you off a bit. If there are specific things that you have done before that you do not know how to do in the new system, we would be happy to help you with those.
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