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Constant Guard Alerts From Comcast (Xfinity)

I keep receiving "Alerts" from Comcast (see below) that there might be a Bot or virus in one of my computers. I had both computers cleaned by a professional IT shop and they didn't find anything. All of my anti-virus software is current.


Constant Guard from XFINITY identified that one or more of your computers may be infected with a bot. A bot is a malicious form of software that is used to send spam, host a phishing site, or steal your identity by monitoring your keystrokes without your knowledge. It may be possible you are unaware that your computer is infected with a bot.


When I launch my monthly Newsletter I always receive a large number of "Out of Office" replies, 30-40 at a time. I have a "feeling" that this large # of replies coming into my inbox is generating this message. Anyone else out there experiencing this problem?


Thank you,


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Re: Constant Guard Alerts From Comcast (Xfinity)

Hi Steve,


I looked into this and this is the first report of that type of issue. I don't think the two are related but  unfortunately, there's not much we can do. I'd suggest you get in contact with Comcast to troubleshoot this further.




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Re: Constant Guard Alerts From Comcast (Xfinity)



Are you sure the message is actually from Comcast and not a phishing ploy?

Is that the entire message with no requested action to be taken?

Give Comcast a call and ask what triggers this error.

Do you have any software at all that sends out email from your computer?


Do you use Outlook to access your Comcast email or a web interface?  If you use Outlook  remove the Email configuration info (SMTP and POP3) from Outlook and only use a web browser to get your mail for a while.  Without a mail client any bots won't be able to send through your SMTP server as a result of the unconfigured program.



The out of office reply is a client message and usually not generated from the domain mail server.  That feedback should also mean that your email is being delivered and not bounced.  30 and 40 at a time is a bit strange. It was summer though and depending on your clients is it possible that a group or division is on a group vacation schedule?


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Re: Constant Guard Alerts From Comcast (Xfinity)

Thanks Tony!

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Re: Constant Guard Alerts From Comcast (Xfinity)

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