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Contact Headers

Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!
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It would be nice if I could sort contacts by custom fields and view any of the fields on the dashboard page. Our industry is organized by chapters and I've spent 8+ hours importing contacts one chapter at a time to get them into their own mailing lists. Other systems this would have taken less than an hour to import the global list and then sort by chapters.
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I would like more control of the fields on the main Contacts page. There are only two options: Name, email, company, city OR Name, email, date added, source. I would like the flexibility to see name, email, and custom fields (or any fields I need to see at the time). Just wanted to pass this along for consideration. Thanks.
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Please consider adding a column when viewing all/active contacts to show what list(s) they are on. I realize they can be imported into an excel spreadsheet and it shows there, but that's an extra step which could be avoided by adding here. Thank you!
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on your Contact View. You show source. I would like to see that field carried in from the input of my data. I think it is an important item. **Removed By Moderator**


Thanks for posting this feedback, Peter. This already is part of each individual contact's information. You can see this on the Contact detail page, in the list view or in the export for you. Would you like it to be more specific? 

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Allow users to choose columns.


For contacts, I store city, because I need it sometimes, but when I look at contacts in list view, I want to see ACCOUNT #s (a custom field) rather than city.


On Email list page, folder ONLY shows on Thumbnail view, but I want it on List view, since faster scrolling and display.


Since most computers have wide screens, allow users to ADD more columns.


Great Feedback, thanks for posting!

under client management it would be helpful if we can change the columns with more than 2 options. Personally if we can view a list with unsubscribes for a particular list where it only allows all contacts. Thank you **Removed By Moderator**

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1. Would like the ability to see all, or select the column headers most important to me. I'm having to look at my spreadsheet to see status of client for a particular mail list vs seeing it in the CC system. 2. Is there a way to set up a campaign to auto send birthday cards?
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It would be great if you could sort your lists by more than City or State. I deal with many international contacts and it would be great to have the option of sorting by country. You offered this a while ago, but since the re-design it has not been offered.