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Contact Headers

Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!
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I added a custom date tag. I want it to show up in the screen view so I can sort by it. Or I would like to do an advanced search by my custom date tag (i.e. since one month ago)
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I have been studying my open rates per campaign, it will be helpful if the following fields are added for each contact under Contact Management so we can study and target customers. Number of Campaigns sent Number of opens (unique as well as multiple) % of opens (unique) Also one more field as follows for each contact displaying the recent reason for bouncing (as you display the reasons for bounced emails for each campaign sent). Status (Active, Suspended, Nonexistence, undelivered, Blocked, Other, vacation, mailbox full....)
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new headings would include: City, state, sic, title, revenue, # of employees, industry These are headings that most people decide to search in order to email the appropriate person, area, size of company, type of company (sic) & Industry. when you are sorting through hundreds of records to nail down a target contact it takes several hours more without these headings. I chose this CC in order to save time. I like it but it would save hours with the capability of more headings displayed across the top
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I want to have birthday on my column when I add "multiple contacts"'s not on the list.;.. Also, when I look at contacts view, birthday is not shown on the front page and there isn't a way of changing this outlook.
Customer Account numbers are vital information for us in our emailing. Being able to filter the Account Number into the visible Contact list would be very helpful. As it is now I have to download the list, filter and then upload again, or attach the account number into one of the existing, limited fields.
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Does anyone read these comments? How difficult would it be to allow a PAYING USER to set VIEW order as a default? Every time I open Constant Contacts (normally at least daily) I have to manually go through the three-four steps necessary to set my contacts view to: Naem, email, date added, source I have been making this same request for years. I guess since I'm locked in as a paying customer for all of these years, there's no reason to worry about my requests.
For me it would be more helpful to have the 4 columns as name, address, date added and instead of Source column make it Date Last Modified. That way I could do a quick ascending sort on that column to check for modified records I need to look at. Now I have to download and do a sort outside of CC. Overall, I really like the site, the online help files are probably the best help files I have ever encountered, and maneuvering around the site is a breeze.

Hi @Rich-for-Clooz

We do read the comments left here and often merge them with like ideas for our product teams to see. Thanks for posting the feedback. Please continue to share any ideas you have so we can look to implement them in the future!

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I need to view by "custom field." My custom fields are dates (wedding date, birth date etc.) I need to send email to all customers with wedding dates in the months January - March.
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You need to add another column to the main contact list page. This column should be a drop down or radio button to add or delete someone from particular groups. This would help us change someone from one list to another etc. For example someone was a potential customer now becomes customer we want to change the type of emails we are now emailing them. It would be much easier this way. There should also be a feature to search out or filter the people who have not ever opened an email from the sender.